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Car accidents are an unfortunate fact of life. With millions of drivers on the road every day, many of them distracted by phone calls, messy sandwiches, bad weather or lack of sleep, crashes are inevitable. Luckily, most of these accidents are relatively minor and nobody gets injured. We have seen many of these kinds of damages that need car body repair in Peterborough.

But a minor accident can seriously damage the outside your car. Areas like the wings and doors are especially susceptible to damage. You could need bumper repairs, dented repair or scratch repairs.

While it’s generally the insurance company’s job to get your car patched up and back on the road when this happens (providing you are going through the insurance company), there are a few things you should know in order to ensure that your car is properly fixed.


Insurance companies can refer you to shops that they work with, but ultimately you can choose who does the work. Most insurance recommended body shops are reputable and perform high-quality repairs, but there are a few bad eggs out there that cut corners to get the job done faster and cheaper. These shops will entice insurance adjusters with lower repair costs, but that could result in a cheap repair. Before agreeing to get your car fixed at an insurance-recommended shop, Shop around and don’t forget to give us at Peterborough Body Repair a call, we can give you all the best advice and even help pay your excess!


When you take your car in for repair, you should inquire about the replacement parts that are being used by the body shop but us here at PBR use all parts direct from the vehicle parts department in the dealership. Because aftermarket parts are often cheap imitations with inferior quality. These parts can corrode, rattle and ultimately diminish your car’s value. So don’t cut corners because of price because after all them panels are your safety!


All too often, you see cars on the road with body panels that don’t match in colour. Matching a newly painted body panel to the rest of your car is a difficult challenge, and sometimes there can be a big, obvious difference in shade. When you pick up your car from the body shop, ask which panels are original and which ones were painted. Step back ten feet from the car and see if there’s a difference in colour. If there is, there may be additional paint work necessary to get a better match. With most cases most body shops will have to blend panels, so this could be an extra charge but this will make the car look great and wouldn’t be obvious where the paint work has been done.


After an accident, there are a number of warning lights that may turn on in your dashboard. These can include the airbag light, the low coolant light, the check engine light and others. When you pick up your finished car, make sure all of the problems have been corrected and none of the lights are illuminated. Illuminated lights can indicate that your car’s on-board computer may need to be reprogrammed, or that certain electrical components need replacement.

As you can see that there can be quite a few things you need to look out for when either selecting a trust worthy body shop or after the work has been done.

For a peace of mind and knowing that everything will be done to a high standard and with no corners cut, give us at PBR a call, we would happily advice you on any questions you may have.

5 May


If you have been involved in a car accident, then you’ll certainly have a lot on your mind. You need to contact your insurance company to find out how much damage they can cover, and you also need to make sure that your car is safe to drive afterwards. Many people overlook the need for an autobody repair. If your car is dented with scratches and other unappealing features, then this will drastically decrease its value, not to mention that it could also cause problems for you later on.


If your car has dents in the passenger side door for example, your autobody repair company will be able to help you fix this. You should avoid driving a damaged car at all costs, because although the car itself might not be unsafe, it could cause many problems for you in the future. If the paint has flaked away from the side of the car, this can only get worse, and before you know it you will be faced with a huge repair bill that could have been avoided. A professional autobody repair company will be able to help you with this, ensuring that your car is in top condition before you go out again on the road.


If your vehicle has dented doors or misshapen panels, then you’ll want to get this sorted as soon as possible. The dented door may have some problems with the locking mechanism due to the impact, not to mention that it could also lessen the security of you vehicle. By getting your car repaired as soon as the damage occurs, you can help to avoid all this while also getting your vehicle back to its prime condition.

1 May


Firstly I Would like to thank you for coming to my first blog. Each Blog will be based towards the motor trade and in most cases specifically towards body repairs.

One thing I found between friends and new customers is that there is a big grey area around body repairs, people are not sure what is actually involved and how you can make a bashed up piece of metal look nice and beautiful again. There is a lot of work behind the scenes and with my blogs I am going to try and show you them.

With this first blog I thought I would cover one of the most asked questions, I have split this over two blogs as there are quite few factors. I have not gone into too much detail as don’t want to bore you with my first blog.

So …Why is car body repairs so expensive. There are a number of factors for this. To get your car repaired it’s not a simple process. There are a number of procedures that you have to do to get to the end product. Below are some pointers:

  • Cost of materials
  • Techniques used for repair (labour rate)
  • Blending
  • Reasons for top coat
  • Time of repair

One of the big reasons for high prices in body repairs, is the cost of materials. This mainly includes your paint, lacquer, sanding discs, primer, filler, masking, polishing. Even for a small scratch you will have to use most of these items.

There are some jobs that will require technique; by this I mean some dents will be required to be pulled out, filled, shaped to the car and sanded off. This takes time and skill to get it right. Labour is probably the biggest contributor to the price. To get that factory finish its all about the prep work. As what someone said to me the other day, any tom dick and harry can spray, but it’s the prep and attention to fine detail that is the most important part. This you only get by experience, as not all cars are the same. The processes of doing the work is the same, but you get obstacles during the way, such as how to deal when there is a paint reaction etc.

Bodyshops in general have different labour rates, my advice to you is to get different quotes and go for the middle one, which in most cases is us at Peterborough Body Repair. People with the lowest quotes are not always the best option, reason why is the materials they use will be not so good and will affect the quality of the paintwork.

When it comes to the topcoats/clearcoats… i.e lacquer, this is probably one of the most expensive items from the materials list. Today’s modern factory finishes not only incorporate multiple layers of highly specialised paints, but also in sealants, or clear coat, that car makers put on top of paint.

Clear coat is instrumental in protecting your vehicle’s paint from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays as well as from dirt, salt and a variety of chemicals.

Automotive finishing is one of the most important stages and your car’s paint combined with its sealants are important for not only protecting your car, but your car’s value.


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