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Why Choose Peterborough Body Repair?

Few things are worse than damaging your car, even more so if it’s not your fault!

The last thing you need at that time is to do battle with a car body repair shop about quotations, schedules and work carried out (or needed). In short, you want to leave your pride & joy in the hands of a professional team that knows exactly how to treat your car, but more importantly, treat you.

At Peterborough Body Repair, that is exactly what you’ll find.

We won’t try and upsell you anything you don’t need, nor will we treat you as ‘just another customer’; your business is important to us and we take pride in all that we do and the results that we achieve.

For us, there is little more satisfying than delivering your car back to you in a condition as recommended by the manufacturer.

Close links with all of the main dealer networks and insurance companies ensures that Peterborough Body Repair will always give you the best price, the best job and the best service.

[Contact us] today to discuss your needs and requirements, one of our professionals will gladly talk you through the available options, giving you only unbiased and honest advice.


Its very Simple, We are here for you and your bodywork needs, we want to help you get the good service your require with less hassle and help you by giving you the different options that are available to you and guide you through the numerous questions on your mind such as:

  • Would it better to go through my Insurance?
  • What steps do I need to take to do so?
  • Would it be more economical to pay for it myself?
  • What if someone else went into my car?

We are here to answer these kind of questions and many more, so feel free to give us a ring on 01733 687101.




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We are located in Hollywood, Florida. With branches in Washington, Georgia and Victoria.

Suite # 38, Fireworks Hill, Victoria,
WA 12340 

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