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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

When it comes to keeping your car in pristine condition, you probably give it a wash regularly, maybe a little polish & wax on the body work and perhaps even some kind of rubber dressing on the tyres, but you’ve missed a bit.
Well, four bits to be precise!

We know from experience that unless you’re having your car detailed, it is more than likely that you’ve given your wheels a clean and that will be about it.

A good clean will help with the general cosmetic look of the wheel, but unless you really do give them a good clean every week, you’ll find that the general grime from the road, salt (in winter) and the brake dust discarded each and every time you apply the brakes will soon start eating into the coating of the wheel, when that starts, no amount of cleaning will make them look pristine again.

Apart from the old style sun strips with your name on them, nothing ages a car as much as a tired set of wheels, it doesn’t matter how good the rest of the car looks, the wheels will always give it away.

Short of buying a new set of alloys every year, the only real alternative is to have your alloy wheels refurbished.

Alloy wheel refurbishment is a great way of smartening up the look of your car, be that a daily commuter or your cherished pride and joy and all for sensible money. You could even choose to change the colour which in itself brings a whole new look to the car.

The process is relatively quick and straightforward; once your road wheels have been removed, we remove the tyre and then grit blast the original coating, leaving a bare aluminium wheel.

Once minor repairs have been completed (where needed), we then re-coat the wheel using original shades and tones, unless of course you do wish to take the opportunity to change the look by changing the colour.

All wheels are hand finished and will be indistinguishable from new, for that reason, we recommend having all four wheels done at the same time.

To give your car that fresh new look, [contact us] for further details, we are sure that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just what good value this service is.


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