Panel Beating


Panel beating is an art that many repair shops no longer seem to be able to do.
A throwaway society has extended into the car repair world and generally, it is easier to just remove a panel and fit a new one, but of course, that comes at a premium price, coupled with the fact that many manufacturers are now turning to composite materials which give better weight saving which in turn leads to better fuel efficiency.

We feel that where it’s possible, it is better to repair and remove any dents rather than just bolting on a new panel, not only does this help with costs, but in its own small way, helps the environment too. Win-Win.

We have a highly skilled team that understand just what can or can’t be done, using traditional hand tools and methods that date back to a forgotten era when cars were engineering marvels rather than a trolley of components screwed together by a robot, our skilled professionals can work wonders on a piece of metal that has been damaged.

Whether it’s a ding on the bonnet of your modern BMW or a damaged panel on a classic, contact us to see what we can do for a repair. We will only ever give you unbiased and professional advice, always explaining our reasoning why we recommend a particular method of repair.

Panel Beating


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