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If your car has suffered from a scratch, our team at Peterborough Body Repair is the best place to bring your car to, as we know exactly how it should be repaired with no short cuts, ensuring the car is restored to looking like new. We offer a quick, easy and affordable solution, repairing all your car’s dents and scratches.

With our technicians we aim to restore the paintwork to its original glory. We carry out our repairs on all types of cars and light commercial vehicles, it doesn’t matter what kind it is, we are sure you will be very happy with the final outcome. This is proven by our great track record of satisfied customers.

From small city hatchbacks, to luxurious business saloons, we have the experience in all aspects of scratch repairs to guarantee a first class job, each and every time.

Peterborough Body Repair thrives on positive word of mouth and customer recommendation; we take pride in the amount of repeat work and the number of new customers achieved this way.

All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call; our friendly staff are there to help whether it is a quote or you just want some advice on all areas of paint scratch repairs or dent removals.


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We are located in Hollywood, Florida. With branches in Washington, Georgia and Victoria.

Suite # 38, Fireworks Hill, Victoria,
WA 12340 

scratch repair

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