Trade Vehicle Repair


Are you selling your car or cars?

Have you got a fleet of vans?

Peterborough Body repair have a lot of experience in repairing trade vehicles, if you are selling your cars or vans and want them to be spotless or you have bought them from the auction and didn’t realise there was a big scratch or dent. We can handle this for you and get it back to pristine condition for you to sell it on. 

Peterborough Body repair is in charge of all the vehicles of Exclusive Motors, K carz & Peterborough Motor Company, which covers over 500 cars.

If you have a fleet of vans then that is no problem, with our oven we can fit most size vans in there and get it to you in the condition your require. Having done a lot of vans for Huggins – National Windscreens and also UK Mail, we have the facilities to ensure your van is repaired and sprayed to your satisfaction. 


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We are located in Hollywood, Florida. With branches in Washington, Georgia and Victoria.

Suite # 38, Fireworks Hill, Victoria,
WA 12340 

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